Video Production - Silver Moon Studio
Montreal audio and video studio with in-house soundproof booth for voice overs, rappers, singers and podcasters. Our video services include producing, editing, SFX, and music composition and supervision. Friendly & dedicated service. Call us for more info: (514) 863-0536.
Montreal audio, music and video
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Video Production

Video is the business card of the 21st century. Silver Moon can help showcase your business to the people that matter most – your next customers. We will provide a video solution that will have an impact and meet both your needs and budget.


Silver Moon makes the video production process as easy and accommodating as possible. From concept to reality, Silver Moon produces quality, professional videos that will be of value to your company for years.


We work with partners across Canada and have produced corporate videos coast to coast from Vancouver to St. John’s Newfoundland. A mari usque ad mare as the motto goes!