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Montreal audio and video studio with in-house soundproof booth for voice overs, rappers, singers and podcasters. Our video services include producing, editing, SFX, and music composition and supervision. Friendly & dedicated service. Call us for more info: (514) 863-0536.
Montreal audio, music and video
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Audio Services – More Information

Questions?  Want to book some time?
(514) 863-0536

On the forefront of our audio services is our custom-built sound-proof room which is perfect for voice over projects.  We also frequently have rappers, singers and musicians using it to lay down some or all tracks for a song.


Whether recording audio for television, radio, corporate video or multimedia projects, Silver Moon Studio has the configuration to best suit your audio needs. The studio is equipped with top of the line recording equipment and an experienced sound engineer.


A professional voice-over, original music composition and sound design are great ways to add IMPACT! and individuality to any video production.

From sound engineering, to mixing, to mastering, to composition, supervision and production, we have the talent to bring your project into the pro league.  And speaking of talent, we have a large bank of voice talents for narration and acting, in French and English. 


Are you a voice actor?  Looking for a place to record your professional demos?  Look no further!  We do that as well.


Our audio services also include repair and clean-up, for when your live recordings happen to be less than perfect.  We also do soundscaping, sound design, songwriting, song arrangement and music production.

Here are some samples for your listening pleasure. 

Mikey Dangerous

Eileen – Tomorrow Shall Be

Rishi – Only Die Once

Nick – One Track

Idrissa – One Track

Want more samples?  Sure thing!  Simply browse our portfolio page.

Questions?  Want to book some time?
(514) 863-0536