Audio Portfolio - Silver Moon Studio
Montreal video production studio with a full suite of audio services for your post-production needs.
Montreal video production, audio services
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Audio Portfolio

Whether recording for television, radio, corporate video or multimedia projects, Silver Moon Studio has the configuration to best suit your audio needs. The recording studio is equipped with top of the line recording equipment and an experienced sound engineer.


A professional voice-over, original music composition and sound design are great ways to add IMPACT! and individuality to any video production.


Silver Moon Studio has also recorded projects for many musical artists. Rap, rock, folk, gospel, opera, and DJ sessions have all been tracked and mixed in our studio. East of 9 was entirely recorded in our facilities. You can hear them on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.


“Atwater VO – FR”. Released: 2015. Track 1.

“Telephone prompt – ENG”. Released: 2015. Track 1.

“Bouclair – In store”. Released: 2015. Track 1.

“Telephone prompt – FR”. Released: 2015. Track 1.

“Yes – 15s PSA”. Released: 2015. Track 1.

“Nation Wide – 60s”. Released: 2015. Track 1.


“East of 9 – Band – One Light”. Released: 2015. Track 1.

“MK – Solo”. Released: 2015. Track 1.

“East of 9 – Band – Starstruck Eyes”. Released: 2015.

“Shreiking Violets – Folk”. Released: 2015. Track 1.

“Ellison Project – Band –  Sun Blue”. Released: 2015.

“VOCaliber – Solo-_explicit lyrics”. Released: 2015.


Blue – FR – audio and sound fx

Tavie – SP – Spanish audio dub and video post

Vieux Duluth 1 – Voice-over

Vieux Duluth 2 – Voice-over

Tavie – SP – Spanish audio dub and video post

HT-Z.0 – FR – French audio dub and video post